Acura NSX abandoned in Dubai

Acura NSX abandoned in Dubai

There seems to be no end to the number of exotic supercars being found left abandoned in the harsh conditions of the Middle East.

Two of the more notable examples include this Ferrari Enzo currently sitting in a police impound lot in Dubai, as well as this Jaguar XJ220 left in the Qatari desert.

Now we have news that this bright yellow Acura NSX left near a dumpster in Dubai, which first appeared in the headlines earlier this year, has been sold… to be cut up and sold as spare parts.

Official records for the car have been lost, though the widow of an alleged previous owner has reportedly sold it to a dealer for a little under $7,000.

Instead of restoring it and perhaps selling it one day, the dealer is looking to dissemble it and sell off the parts individually as spares. Of course, there’s no way of knowing the condition of the car without a firsthand look so perhaps the dealer has no other choice.

Few other details are known about this particular Acura NSX, although it is said to have contrasting stitching in the cabin, which was only offered on the model from 1992 onwards. Additionally, it also has five-speed manual instead of the newer six-speed, as well as the original pop-up headlights.

We just hope the same fate isn’t experienced by some of the other supercars abandoned in the Middle East, mostly by expatriates fleeing after falling victim to failed real estate ventures.

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