Last month Lotus auctioned off a special edition Evora S in honor of Freddie Mercury.

For you young folks not initiated in classic rock, Freddie Mercury is the late, thick mustachioed singer from Queen.

He died of an AIDS-related pneumonia 20 years ago.

We can now report that British broadcaster and car enthusiast Chris Evans put in the winning bid for the car at a charity auction hosted at the recent Dear Friends of Freddie Flash birthday, all proceeds of which will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an HIV AIDS charity set up by Mercury's manager and band mates after his death.

Evans recently visited Lotus’ headquarters in Hethel, UK, to agree the final design and specification of the car.

Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury

Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury

Otherwise, the one-off Evora S comes in pearl white with red and gold racing stripes, a color scheme inspired by Mercury's costume in the “Magic Tour" of 1986, while the front fender references the Montreux Freddie memorial statue with the line “Lover of life. Singer of songs."

The inside is done up in a one-off yellow scheme and includes union flags on the backs of the seats.