Following the reveal of the Venocara supercar from Poland’s Arrinera Automotive back in June, few would have thought that we would be hearing about the company so soon after.

We’ll be the first to admit that we were a little skeptical about the credibility of Arrinera  and its promise to build and deliver to the world a brand new supercar.

However, today we learn that a bigwig in the supercar building business, Lee Noble, has reportedly bought a five percent stake in Arrinera and was one of the key men responsible for its design and development.

Lee Noble is the founder of Noble Supercars, which he sold in 2006 and then moved on to establish South African-based Fenix Automotive.

You may recall Fenix released a teaser image of a new supercar with very similar specs to the Arrinera Venocara back in 2010.

Now, Fenix and Arrinera are reportedly set to merge once a 50 percent sale of Fenix to Arrinera is finalized later in the year.

It turns out the plan isn’t to merge the supercar projects all into one brand, but to have a small group of different brands all selling their respective supercars around the world.

We wish the best for them but remain skeptical of the overall success of the project.

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