Bentley recently unveiled its own line of accessories for the Continental GT under the prestigious Mulliner branding but if you want to go one up on the exclusivity ladder, then you should probably give the guys at Imperium Automotive a call.

Imperium is a bespoke vehicle modifier based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and offers its clients the unique opportunity to create and build tailor made vehicles.

However, becoming one of Imperium’s esteemed clients is no easy task as the company only takes on a limited number of projects each year. Additionally, Imperium doesn’t even have a set price list for its services as each project is completely unique to the individual client.

Its latest project is this one-off Bentley Continental GT, commissioned by a well known UK businessman.

The car features uniquely designed front and rear bumpers, as well as exposed carbon fiber side skirts, a subtle boot lid spoiler and a functional carbon fiber diffuser integrated into the rear bumper. It also gets a set of forged alloy wheels made completely in-house and tailored to the client’s exact specifications.

But it’s not all about good looks as Imperium’s designers also install some mechanical upgrades. In this case, the upgrades include more powerful brakes, a suspension lowering kit and a retuned ECU. The final touch is a sports exhaust.

As you may have already guessed, Imperium’s custom Bentley Continental GT also gets a completely revamped interior. This is done using the client’s individual choice of specially hand selected leathers, as well as carbon fiber, real wood and suede filling up most of the cabin. To complete the interior package the vehicle is fitted with an individually built and designed ergonomic sports steering wheel.

From vehicle commission to delivery, the purchase and creation of a tailor made Imperium vehicle is a unique experience few other bespoke vehicle tuners can offer--one we’re completely envious of.