The first hand-built Noble M600 supercar will be delivered to its first customer next month.

Noble plans to build the cars at a rate of one per month. Company head man Peter Boutwood is asking customers to make sure they try the car before they buy. One appeal of Noble's M600 is that customers can choose to spec the exterior or interior anyway they like without extra charge.

Powered by a 650-horsepower, 4.4-liter twin-turbo Yamaha V-8, the M600 will set buyers back 200,000 GBP, (about $318,900). Top speed is estimated at 225 miles per hour and the 0-60 time is listed at 3.5 seconds.

Boutwood says that Noble has a "full order book." That's too bad--we'd hoped that there might be one more slot open. Guess we'll save that 200,000 quid and spend it elsewhere.


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