If you haven't heard of the Palatov DP4, you're not as much of a track-day fanatic as you claim to be. The quick notes: it's an all-wheel-drive, bike-engined, insanely light piece of machinery.

Weighing in at just 800-900 pounds and whipping out 175-200 horsepower in standard configuration--though the all-wheel drive system is rated for up to 300 horsepower--the car's acceleration and cornering capabilities are well beyond the limits of most humans' capabilities, but as this video demonstrates, not beyond BJ Zacharias' abilities. For reference, the car being passed effortlessly around the 1:20 mark is a highly modified Porsche 911 GT3.

For more on the dp4, check out the official Palatov Motorsports site, but not before you watch this crazy-fast lap of Oregon Raceway Park.