OK, so the debut of the 2012 SLS AMG Roadster (pictured) isn't exactly a minor update. In fact, it's a whole other gullwing-less model, which we've covered previously. The standard hardtop model gets some minor tech upgrades and new paint colors for the model-year change, plus an optional three-mode AMG Adaptive Suspension.

The most interested bit in the mix is the three-mode AMG Adaptive Suspension, which should help dial in a little more comfort for those times when you'd rather see and be seen than be seen thrashing a handful of state and local traffic laws. The SLS wasn't exactly over-stiff before, but it could jounce over bad pavement. A little more softness, while keeping the sporty firmer settings ready to hand will be a welcome improvement.

On the computing side, the 2012 SLS AMG gets one of Mercedes' safety technologies, Blind Spot Assist, plus a new AMG Performance Media system with telemetry and g-force measurement.

In July, a handful of unspecified new paint offerings will become available for the hardtop. The Roadster will be all-new, and arrives in "late 2011."