Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy

Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy

In what may prove to be a brilliant marketing move, Mercedes-Benz will be familiarizing the next-generation of drivers with its vehicles by announcing plans for a new driving school for teens. Set to open towards the end of this year, the new program will use a unique combination of interactive classroom sessions, online learning and behind-the-wheel training in conjunction with the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) framework.

The program is part of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, which you can watch of a video teaser of by clicking here. The teen training component focuses on making young people better and safer drivers.

Mercedes-Benz will be combining key elements of the British driving curriculum and delivery methods with U.S. DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) requirements to develop the integrated program that will be offered.

Benz has long trained owners of its AMG cars on the finer skills of keeping it paint-side up, but why teens? The automaker hopes the program will add quality training to the lackluster parking-lot techniques most U.S. drivers are taught, and they're pointing to big boosts in the UK, where its graduates have doubled their pass rate on the driving exam. They also add that, once certified, they'll be the only automaker to qualify as an alternative to the usual pre-licensing driving schools.

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