1989 Ford Mustang convertible

1989 Ford Mustang convertible

Want to swap the new Coyote 5.0-liter V-8 into your Fox-body Mustang, replacing either the old 5.0-liter (technically, a 4.9-liter) V-8 or the four-cylinder? Well, now you can.

Kurgan Motorsports swapped the Coyote into a Fox body by custom building the motor mounts, braces, and support structures, before then upgrading the brakes and transmissions.

Knowing that this is possible means that plenty of Fox-body owners will be investigating this swap as a unique way to get more power out of their cars.

A Fox-bodied 'Stang with no visual mods and the Coyote under hood makes quite the sleeper, don't you think?

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