If you're jonesing for some slightly de-beaked Acura TL, you don't have long to wait: the new 2012 version goes on sale on March 18. Unfortunately, apart from a very mild restyle and a new Sequential SportShift six-speed automatic transmission, there's not much new to the TL.

Or perhaps that's fortunate; beyond the awkward front end (which has been at least somewhat remedied in the new model) the previous TL was a very solid car. Add in the "refinements" as Acura calls them, and it should be slightly better. Nothing wrong with incremental improvement.

Pricing for the new TL starts at $35,605 for the front-wheel drive model, or $39,155 for the SH-AWD model. Adding the Technology package bumps the price $3,730 for either model, while the Advance Package tacks on another $2,200. The six-speed manual TL is still available, offered only with the Technology Package as part of its standard build, and starts from $42,885.

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