The Horse Whisperer, Ferrari's often acid-tongued official blog, tackled the whole Ford F-150/Ferrari F150 Formula 1 car naming dispute today. In its typical style, the sardonic commentary flowed forth, proclaiming the latest name change, "should make it clear even to the thickest of people that the name of the car is a tribute to the anniversary of the unification of our country."

The new name? A replacement of the "th" in Ferrari F150th Italia with the equivalent Italian symbol, and dropping the "F" entirely, making it "150°" instead. The reason for the latest tweak? According to The Horse Whisperer, "It appears this could have caused so much confusion in the minds of the consumer across the Pond" to have left the F in the name. Ford apparently thinks the changes are finally enough, and has dropped the suit.

We can appreciate the Ferrari viewpoint--how can anyone confuse a bright red F1 car with America's work truck?--but at the same time, we doubt they'd raise the same argument if Ford unveiled a new model called  "458-Italia."

At any rate, it's over. Time for the racing, which kicks off (after Bahrain's cancellation) March 25-27 at the Qantas Australian GP in Melbourne.

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