NYT tests Google's autonomous Toyota Prius

NYT tests Google's autonomous Toyota Prius

Last month we brought you news of a car controlled by nothing but the brain, through use of a "neuroheadset." Today, we have two videos of Google's self-driving robotic car in action, at speed.

The BrainDriver car is a cutting-edge concept, and interesting for potential mobility solutions for people with limited physical motion. But Google's robotic autonomous car could push mobility in an entirely different direction.

Imagine hopping into the back seat of your car, telling it to take you to work, and actually getting something done on the commute--without risking your life or those around you. For anyone that's seen the levels of distraction and poor driving during early-morning or late-night mass commute times, taking people out of the equation is definitely an attractive idea.

On the other hand, part of the fun (and freedom) of owning a car is the driving experience itself. Would you be willing to give control over your car completely to a robotic system like this? What if you just had the option? Let us know in the comments below.