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  • Google self-driving car demonstration screencap

    Google's self-driving car has learned to deal with more real-world driving scenarios.

  • Google logo
    Google May Build Its Own Self-Driving Car: Report

    The future is going to be automatic. Automatic social updates pushed automatically to your mobile phone, synced automatically to your computer and to your car, which then drives you automatically to work where you automatically perform the tasks for which your employer automatically drops credits...

  • Google self-driving Lexus RX 450h hybrid sport-utility vehicle
    New Self-Driving Car Tech To Come From Continental, Google, IBM Alliance?

    Self-driving cars are a divisive topic. Enthusiasts despise the idea of being cut out of the loop, and tinfoil hat conspiracists despise the idea of Big Brother looking over their shoulder; on the other hand, commuters would welcome the extra free time and even an enthusiast can appreciate being...

  • Tesla owners & supporters gather in Statehouse in Austin to support company [photo: John Griswell]
    Elon Musk Talking Google Autonomy For Tesla? Kind Of...

    Google is hard at work on creating a world in which autonomous cars roam the highways and byways that surround us. It's a future we're all heading towards, and Google wants to make sure it's at the forefront. Another company working hard to stay a few steps ahead is automaker Tesla, which is led by...

  • Blind driver Steve Mahan in Google's Self-Driving Toyota Prius, March 2012
    Autonomous Cars May Be Further Away Than You Think

    Speaking solely from a technology point of view, Google believes that autonomous cars will be a reality in three to five years. For the most part, the hardware exists today, so the stumbling block is really perfecting the software and firmware. As Bloomberg points out, the obstacles that autonomous...

  • CA Governor Jerry Brown, State Sen. Alex Padilla, and Google's Sergey Brin beside an autonomous car
    NHTSA Executive Joins Google To Build Autonomous Cars

    Ron Medford is currently the deputy director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which makes him second in command of the agency responsible for establishing motor vehicle safety standards. Medford has been involved with the federal government for over four decades, and has had a...

  • BMW laser headlight technology

    We'll likely look back on 2011 as the year that the app truly entered our automobiles, becoming integrated with our Bluetooth-connected smartphones and, in some cases, fully integrated with vehicle infotainment systems.

  • Google's Self-Driving Toyota Prius
    Google Awarded U.S. Patent For Driverless Car Tech

    The news that Google has been working on a driverless car, or autonomous vehicle, probably won't come as a shock. We've followed Google's progress closely, but now the BBC has revealed that Google has been awarded a U.S. patent for the technology. Specifically, the patent refers to the technology...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Google's Next Goal: 1,000,000 Miles In A Self-Driving Car

    Google is betting big on its autonomous car technology, but the company has a long road ahead of it before those cars reach the market. Google's next major goal? Seeing its self-driving cars travel 1,000,000 miles without driver intervention. Last time we heard from Google, the company was lobbying...

  • Hongqi HQ3 sedan
    China's Autonomous Car: Are Robot Chauffeurs Finally Here?

    Over the past couple of years, autonomous cars have shifted gears: once considered a novelty act akin to life-size remote-controlled vehicles, there's recently been serious talk about using autonomous cars for everyday transportation. And as one of the world's biggest auto markets, China isn't...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Nevada Gives Google's Autonomous Cars The Green Light

    We recently told you that Google was asking Nevada legislators to allow testing of the company's autonomous cars. Now, less than two months later, we're not surprised to learn that Google's lobbying efforts have paid off. As we mentioned before, Google was pressing Nevada's elected officials to do...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Nevada Passes Law Allowing Self-Driving Cars

    Google has been working on self-driving cars, doing testing in California. Now, a new law just passed in the neighboring Silver State will allow Google and others to test there.

  • Volkswagen Passat with TAP (Temporary Auto Pilot)

    Over the past few years, there's been a lot of chatter about building "smarter" cars -- cars that interact with other vehicles and the environment to make driving safer. Recently, we've seen Google rolling autonomous cars toward Nevada, the Department of Transportation testing vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology in six cities across the U.S., and Ford touting its own work in the V2V arena. Now, Volkswagen has thrown its hat in the ring, with a new "Temporary Auto Pilot" for cars. The "Temporary Auto Pilot" (TAP) is part of an EU research project called "HAVEit", a slightly tortured acronym...

  • ZMP RoboCar automated vehicle
    Video: Look Ma, No Driver! ZMP RoboCar Memorizes Route Map

    Feeling lazy? Don't feel like driving home from work tonight? Sounds like an autonomous car would be right up your street... ZMP's RoboCar doesn't quite have the aesthetics or practicality (and especially not the performance) of Google's automated Toyota Prius, but the technology it demonstrates is...

  • 2009 Toyota FT-EV Concept
    You Don't Own, You Don't Even Drive: The Future Of Cars?

    It's enough to make the car enthusiast's skin crawl. Visions of autonomous cars making their way along the highway while the occupants go about their daily business. If you love driving and cars, handing over control of your car to a machine is like handing over a child. Bill Reinert, a mechanical...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Robot Driving: First Pikes Peak, Next Nevada, Then Your Town?

    Recently Google requested a waiver from lawmakers in Nevada to allow it to test its computer-driven cars on Nevada public roads. Could robotic cars be safe on everyday roads? In the last couple of years, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has finally seen driverless cars fully...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Google Bets On Nevada To Become Home For Autonomous Cars

    Google has been hitting the headlines pretty hard the past couple of days. Its Android operating system is still hammering the smartphone market, its new music service is causing a commotion, and the company is prepping to settle a hush-hush Justice Department investigation into its advertising...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Google Shows Us Why We All Need Robot Cars

    We're pretty familiar with autonomous cars around here, and we've even been treated to a ride in one of Stanford's robots at their automotive innovation lab, which they launched in partnership with Volkswagen. You might also remember Shelley, their autonomous Audi TTS, which autonomously raced to...

  • NYT tests Google's autonomous Toyota Prius

    Last month we brought you news of a car controlled by nothing but the brain, through use of a "neuroheadset." Today, we have two videos of Google's self-driving robotic car in action, at speed. The BrainDriver car is a cutting-edge concept, and interesting for potential mobility solutions for people with limited physical motion. But Google's robotic autonomous car could push mobility in an entirely different direction. Imagine hopping into the back seat of your car, telling it to take you to work, and actually getting something done on the commute--without risking your life or those around...

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