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  • We're pretty familiar with autonomous cars around here, and we've even been treated to a ride in one of Stanford's robots at their automotive innovation lab, which they launched in partnership with...

  • BrainDriver: A Mind-Controlled Car

    Imagine you could drive your car using only your thoughts. German researchers have just made that possible -- and they have the video to prove it. Following his recent interview on the Robots Podcast about autonomous vehicles, Raúl Rojas, an AI professor at the Freie Universität Berlin...

  • Smart Cars And The Need For Smarter Software

    There were a couple of more interesting articles the past few days involving software in cars. Early last week, Markus Waibul over on the Automaton blog and I both wrote (here and here) on the concept of "car platooning." I also noted in my post the Ford development effort involving a new crash...

  • "Skin Stretch" Feedback Takes the Wheel

    Your GPS navigator can already talk to you. A new device wants to let it touch you. A group at the University of Utah recently added direction-indicating knobs to a steering wheel that nudge the driver's fingers to tell them where to go. It seems the future car will employ many of the driver's...

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