Whenever I see an Aston Martin -- be it a DB9, a DBS or simply a V-8 Vantage -- time feels like it slows down as the car's sexy shape glides by. So it's only fitting that to promote its upcoming Rapide four-door, Aston Martin make a movie about moving time.

The first of three in the series debuted on January 12, all under the collective title, "True Power Should Be Shared." Shot in Lisbon, Portugal, it features a mysterious woman who goes by MB -- when asked, she says it stands for "my business" -- who recruits three men to help her transport a small, mysterious package. As they climb into a waiting Rapide sedan, the intrigue starts as an informant tips off an evil-looking man with a very fancy watch about their departure.

I'll admit that when I first heard that Aston Martin was developing a sedan, the image of a four-door DB9 was the first thing to pop into my head, but I dismissed it. So imagine my surprise, not just because that's pretty much what Aston built, but because it was one of the most beautiful sedans ever constructed, and not a horrible looking Frankencar. Porsche Panamera, eat your heart out.

The movies, obviously, are all about showcasing the Rapide's gorgeous style, and the first installment wastes little time. The actual plot has something to do with transporting time to a mystery figure. Aston Martin says that the film's theme centers around a conundrum: The more successful you are, the less time you have to share it with people important to you. An interesting way of promoting a four-door targeted at, shall we say, the well to do.

The first segment of the films is essentially an introduction of the characters. MB is the boss; Eric's specialty is fighting; Simon is a weapons specialist; and John has the best job of all: driver. Expect plenty of fists, guns, high-speed driving antics replete with tire smoke, and probably an explosion or two as the series progresses.

Check out the first installment, and make your guesses about what the bad guy drives below in the Comments.