2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

It’s hardly a surprise to hear that a Ferrari driver may have a little air of superiority, especially when that driver is behind the wheel of the new 458 Italia, one of the Italian marques most gorgeous models in history and one with that lists for more than $225,325.

Nevertheless, the 458 Italia driver involved in this latest incident has taken the arrogant Ferrari driver stereotype to a whole new level, even encroaching on violent criminal territory.

A 32-year old man has been arrested for allegedly forcing a slow moving Fiat 600, a car with a top speed of just 93 mph, off a highway in Italy by repeatedly ramming it with his Ferrari 458 Italia. Once both cars pulled over, police report that the Ferrari driver then smashed the window of the Fiat 600 and proceeded to attack the driver, another 32-year old man. To make matters worse, the passenger of the Ferrari reportedly joined in the fight as well.   

Luckily for the Fiat driver passing motorists reported the incident to authorities and an off-duty policeman also happened to pass by when it occurred.

Both the Ferrari driver and his passenger are now in the custody of Italian police.

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