Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Charity auctions are curious things. Some of the goods are what you'd expect: artwork, jewelry, Botox gift certificates. But when celebrities get involved, the Wow Factor can shoot through the roof. Or not.

We once saw Gregory Hines auction off a tap lesson for one lucky bidder and three of her friends. (The class was taught by Mr. Hines, obvs.) We've heard rumor that Julia Child once did the same with cooking lessons. And then there's Ralph Lauren.

Mr. Lauren (nee Lifshitz) is hosting an impressive online auction to raise funds for the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Fund, a charity dedicated to fighting breast cancer. And among the items up for bid is this:

You and a friend will receive a tour of this extraordinary private collection of classic cars given by Ralph Lauren himself, including vintage Bugattis, Ferraris, Porches and more. The finale of your experience—a ride in one of these world-class driving machines. You’ll also take home a signed copy of Speed, Style, and Beauty: Cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection. 

Which sounds great, and it's all for a worthy cause, but would it be too much to promise us the chance to actually drive one of those babies? Because we are all about the hands-on.

Minor quibbles aside, this item -- and others -- are going like hotcakes. The current bid on this lot is $42,500, and we're guessing it'll go significantly higher before the auction closes on October 21. So if you've got dough to burn, a philanthropic heart, and you like the idea of being driven about in a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic (or whatever Ralphie chooses), you might want to get in on the action quick.