Tom Brady

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots could've found themselves in a bind yesterday when star quarterback Tom Brady got sacked in a two-car crash. Thankfully, Brady's sporty Audi S8 kept him nice and safe -- though a passenger in the other car wasn't so lucky.

According to USA Today (we know, but we have to cite somebody), the accident was totally the other guy's fault. Ludgero Rodrigues was issued a ticket at the scene for running a red light in his minivan and causing the collision. Rodrigues' passenger was taken to a nearby hospital and is listed in serious condition.

Sadly, this ain't Rodrigues' first time at the accident rodeo: among his numerous run-ins with the po-po, he's had his license suspended several times, and he's been cited for failing to buckle up a child in his car. Ugh, get that dude off the road already.

And while you're at it, buff out that S8 and sign it to the Pats' offensive line.