Facebook post re: AnnaLynne McCord [via TMZ]

Facebook post re: AnnaLynne McCord [via TMZ]

A week ago, some guy named Aaron was motoring around town, minding his own business, when -- WHAM -- out of the blue, AnnaLynne McCord nailed him. Which isn't especially unusual, except this time she was in a car.

Afterward, AnnaLynne turned on the eyelashes and the charm with an "I'm very sorry" and "It was all my fault". Then she handed Aaron her number and said everything would be taken care of.

You with us so far?

Okay, so then, Aaron was all, like, "I ought to call my insurance company, just to be safe. Because that's what people do in these situations, right? Call their insurance companies?" And then the insurance company called AnnaLynne, only the car didn't belong to AnnaLynne, it belonged to AnnaLynne's sister, Angel, who was all, like, "OMG, this dude filed a claim?" And then Angel called Aaron and cursed him out and basically said, "No way am I going to pay for your car fixes."

Still there? 

Okay, THEN, Aaron was, like, "Oooh, I am so mad! I'm going to post an update to Facebook about all this, and I'll include AnnaLynne's phone number! That'll show her!" But the only thing that did was make the situation worse and generate an automatic cease-and-desist letter from the attorneys at Absalom Absalom & Associates.*

So here's what we want to know:

1. Why does everyone in this story have a name that starts with "A"? 

2. Did AnnaLynne intentionally lead Aaron on, knowing full well that her sister was a raging maniac who would never pay to have his car repaired? Or is she a genuinely nice woman who wanted to atone for her driving sins?

3. We understand that the car AnnaLynne was driving was a MINI Cooper -- just like the one we saw her pumping up a few months ago. Which means one of two things: either the McCords really like MINIs, or AnnaLynne tricked us into thinking that was her car all those months ago. And if it's the latter...well, isn't she on 90210? We know nobody watches it, but surely she gets a big fat paycheck that she could put toward a vehicle of some sort, right? What is she spending her money on? Clothes? Bubble gum? 'Cause it sure ain't cars or food.

* That last bit is entirely made up. Duh.