Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson

Everyone loves to bash a hypocrite. Outspoken finger-pointers like Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, and any number of Baptist ministers have been caught with their pants down (literally), and we've raked them over the coals for not practicing what they preach.

The theft of Jesse Jackson's Cadillac Escalade last week wasn't quite the same. For one, the reverend wasn't discovered doing the nasty in the back afterward (that we know of), he wasn't trying to score some weed, he was just toodling around Detroit, talking about the importance of "green" jobs. But Jackson's many detractors didn't care; for them, it was a moment of great schadenfreude. Something bad happened to the guy while he was out doing his thing, so, you know, ha-ha.


Look, we don't especially like the guy. He's boorish, he's pompous, and he was 100% idiotic for motoring around town in an Escalade. It may be an American SUV, but it's a lousy ride for anyone preaching about the eco-friendly economy. 

No, ragging on Jackson now is silly because (a) in this case, Jackson's the victim, not the perpetrator, and (b) the attacks represent a real lack of patience on the part of the haters. Because if you people will just sit tight a little while longer, we are 99% certain that dude will screw up of his own accord. Then we can all have a big laugh together.