Gary Busey

Gary Busey

Have you seen this man? Probably so. In fact, you've probably seen him making this very face on red carpets and in mug shots for the past several years. And what about The Mask? Totally based on this face. Large Marge, too. Or so we've heard.

It's a distinctive face is what we're saying. A scary face. A face that would strike fear in the heart of Rupert Murdoch, and he doesn't even have a heart, except for the baby seal hearts he eats for breakfast, which obviously don't count. And now, someone is impersonating it. (The face, not Murdoch's nonexistent heart.)

At least, we think someone's impersonating it, because we have a really hard time believing that Gary Busey -- crackazoid robot please-report-to-the-dance-floor Gary Busey -- would be playing Good Samaritan all over the Pacific Coast Highway. And yet, some quasi-reputable news sources reporting that Busey did just that, calling 911 after witnessing a two-car collision and staying with the injured until paramedics arrived. Then he beat a hasty retreat, perhaps knowing that the po-po and their mean ol' breathalyzer weren't far behind.

By all reports, Busey -- or someone who looked very much like him -- was "very sweet and caring". Who the bejeebus could that be? Is Nick Nolte on the loose again?

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