All cards on the table: we think Reese Witherspoon is a big ol' slice of awesome. Not that she's fat or anything; when we say "big ol'", we just mean that she seems extremely awesome. She's a study in contrasts: a Southern girl with a tiny bit of a wild streak; pretty and refined, but not opposed to letting her hair down; and she's had fairly good taste in bunkmates. That's exactly the kind of gal we'd like to take for drinks.

Now we also know that she's loyal to a fault. By which we mean brand-loyal.

Not so long ago, folks were saying that brand-loyalty was all but dead, especially among Ms. Witherspoon's generation. But here we see that she's driving yet another jet black Mercedes. True, she's bounced from an SUV to an E-Class sedan, but she's kept it in the family. And for Southerners (like some of us), that's really all that matters.