Screencap from Jedward's 'Ice Ice Baby', featuring Vanilla Ice

Screencap from Jedward's 'Ice Ice Baby', featuring Vanilla Ice

Before we interviewed Vanilla Ice (aka Robert Van Winkle) earlier this year, we'd written the guy off as a one-hit wonder and year-round D-lister. But over the course of our chat, we changed our minds. He seemed really down to earth -- the kind of guy who'd had a moment of notoriety, milked it for all it was worth, and moved forward. He didn't have any illusions about reaching the top of the pops again; he was just doing the things he loved, like making music and flipping houses.

During our interview, he mentioned in passing that he had a TV show in the works. He couldn't give us details at the time, but it now appears that it's going to be a Flip This House-style reality show, and it's set to debut in the fall.

And, oh, yes, footage has leaked out.

Knowing about Rob's love of cars and his never-say-no attitude, the producers have apparently added a bit to the show wherein Rob does ridiculous things with cars. Obviously that has nothing to do with flipping houses, but flipping rides is close, right? Anyway, here's a clip of him ramping a 1967 Cadillac coupe into a koi pond.

The word "underwhelming" comes to mind. Let's hope some CGI spin doctors get their hands on that before September.