Is Mark Webber Red Bull's "number two" driver? Are we going to see another battle between Webber and Sebastian Vettel at Hungary? Things are shaping up for it, with the Red Bull cars taking the two fastest spots during today's second practice. Qualifying will tell the true story of pace and place for Sunday's grid, but until then, we have this preview of the Hungarian Grand Prix circuit at Budapest with Webber.

Like all of RBR's race previews, the show is put on in one of the team's fantastic simulators, featuring a full F1 cockpit and widescreen view of the track and the car's front tires. According to Webber, it's a "tight twisty circuit, a long race, and the women are not too bad to look at either."

Tune in for Sunday's race on SpeedTV at 7:30 am Eastern.

[Red Bull Racing]