Sometimes is seems like every new concept I see is just another ripoff of something that has already been tried. The roads tend to look like a sea of blobs, with no sense of distinction between the different manufacturers and nations represented. I often worry that the world is headed toward a very boring future in the world of cars. I hope not, and I'm confident that won't happen anytime soon. As I glance through expressions of designers' inspirations, I'm reminded that no one really wants to build boring cars, although it certainly happens. Take a look through this compilation I found on YouTube, for example.

The selections in the video only scratch the surface of what's been dreamed, drawn, molded, modeled, or displayed. The 12 cars (with heavy emphasis on Chrysler throwbacks) shown cover the full spectrum - from a brutish pickup truck, to old school muscle cars, to exotic sedans. For every class of car out there, someone is imagining a new way to interpret it, a new way to make it beautiful. Trends come and go, and cultures evolve, but human beings don't seem to be losing interest in their love for the automobile, so I think it's safe to say cars won't get boring in the foreseeable future.

Whether you like them or not, and whether they become global hits or epic fails, concepts prove that there still exists a strong passion for car design. They won't all be a success, but if designers played it safe, the world may have missed out on classics that never seem to look ugly or outdated.