When we drove the 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 at Virginia International Raceway earlier this year, we knew it was something special. Apparently, so does the buying pubic, as over 3,300 orders of the 5,500 cars to be built this year are already in.

The 5,500-car limit for the 2011 GT500 is in place to "ensure exclusivity" according to Ford, a move sure to frustrate the 5,501st person to order one. It should, however, help preserve value and enhance collectibility over the long term for those that do get inside the order window.

But wait a second, 2,200 cars are left--that's 40 percent of the total allotment for 2011. How is that "almost" at the production limit? Considering the new GT500 was just unveiled in early February before debuting at the Chicago Auto Show, that's about 600 orders per month--meaning it'll be sold out completely by the end of November at the current pace. That leaves just four months to get your order in. So that's almost "almost." Sort of.

To get your fix on 2011 GT500 details, as well as some in-car video of Motor Authority lapping VIR (albeit somewhat timidly), check out our first drive review.