Porsche doesn't exactly have a reputation for selling affordable cars, but this one is especially "not affordable". Another thing Porsche isn't traditionally known for is the hybrid. Well, the 918 Spyder is actually very much a hybrid, and it's reported to be moving towards production. Initially intended as a concept to display its technological abilities, a consumer version of the car was said to be a possibility, pending sufficient interest from capable buyers. Rumor has it, there are plenty of enthusiasts willing to shell out the cash for a real-life 918 Spyder hybrid.

Speaking of cash, buyers will have to reach deep into their pockets for this one.  The sticker price sits far beyond the range of most drivers' budgets, at  €500,000, or a little over $635,000! This makes even the current flagship model, the Carrera GT, seem like a bargain.

As expected, the 918 packs the Porsche punch. (Was that too corny?  Be honest) The bulk of the car's motivation comes from a 500 hp, 3.4 L V8. Electric motors at the front and rear add another 218 hp. That's a ton of power, but fuel economy figures (I know I know, but everyone wants to know these days) should be quite good considering the output, thanks to the hybrid configuration. A claimed fuel consumption of 78.4 seems a bit ambitious, and has yet to be officially confirmed. For those looking for clean cruising, the car is capable of a 16 mile trip under battery power only. That's just far enough to give your hair that stylish, windblown look.

Most importantly, this car looks GOOD.  While it's green side is somewhat of a stranger to the company's traditional lineup, it is still very much a Porsche in most other aspects, and is sure to impress if it move beyond concept to production. I'd buy one, but I figure the next $635k I earn will be better spent sustaining my life and paying my bills.  Booooorrriiiiing...

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