After the Batmobile-esque DeltaWing concept and a flood of more conventional concepts from Dallara, Lola and others, the wait for the next-gen IndyCar is almost over. The race organization has announced it will unveil its "future car strategy" on July 14.

Engine plans for 2012 have already been released, with a maximum spec of six cylinders and 2.4-liters with turbochargers, though lower cylinder counts and V, inline, or other engine configurations are allowed, and even encouraged. The idea is to make the field greener while preserving or improving the racing.

That's where the chassis comes in. It will have to be light and nimble enough to allow the high-speed oval racing to continue while also meeting the demands of IndyCar's road course races. And it will have to be, as the ICONIC Advisory Committe's acronymic name indicates, "innovative, competitive, open-wheel, new, industry-relevant, cost-effective."

No comments or details are to be released before the July 14 announcement, so don't expect to get the leaked details early this time around. But you can let us know which chassis you'd like to see running the Indy 500 in 2012 in the comments below.