Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff

At first, we were just going to say something catty about Hilary Duff in the photo behind the link below. You know, maybe something about the fact that she's going to the gym in Louboutins, which can only mean that she's finally broken down and agreed to take that damn stripper aerobics class -- because really, why should Miley have all the fun?

But then we thought: whoa, they make celery-green Mustang convertibles now? Where do you get one of those?

And then: okay, whoever drives that celery-green Mustang convertible is NOT going to be happy to learn that she's been boxed in.

And of course: she'll be even less happy to learn that she's been boxed in by the former Lizzie McGuire.

But you know: she could probably just throw that thing in reverse and gently nudge Hilary's Range Rover back into the middle of traffic. Hell, that might be all the encouragement HD needs to nab a new set of wheels -- maybe something sporty, from the Range Rover's cousins at Jaguar.

And then it happened. We saw the elephant in the room: those leggings or pants or -- please say they aren't -- jeggings, which are far too MILFy for someone barely old enough to drink. (We'd call them "cougarish" but they're technically a leopard print, and we don't want to confuse the issue.)

Jaguars, cougars, and leopards? And we said we weren't going to be catty...