Double Decker, by mockney_piers

Double Decker, by mockney_piers

You can tell the world economy's gone sour when local badasses resort to a double-decker bus.

The U.K. Register reports today that three royal subjects--two teenage girls and an adult man--made off with a high-top bus in the town of Amesbury last week in the wee hours.

While they cruised the A345 highway and other roads, the probably not sober drivers smashed into parked cars and three parked buses, wrecking the lot to the tune of about $45,000 in damages.

Since they're British and therefore smart, the hoodie-wearing trio also took video. Which they naturally posted to YouTube, and which we're sharing with you here despite some NSFW language and our concern for turning more kids into idiots via the transitive property of social media (I see stupid people, therefore I become them).

Local police rightfully point out that driving a double decker takes more training than riding a skateboard--or in this case, running a Flip camera.

[The Telegraph via TheRegister UK; Flickr photo by mockney_piers]