It's now 99 degrees and as predicted, the racing is hot--but it turns out not so nasty. Clean, fast laps are being turned by all with only a few cautions and three black flags over the first four hours of racing.

The top ten on the track at the four hour mark are:

1. #45 Prancing Donkey--Acura Integra LS
2. #59 Serious Business Motorsports--BMW 325e
3. #9 Gashole Motorsports--Honda CBR Accord
4. #33 F1 Rejects--Ford Thunderbird
5. #01 General Yee--Lexus SC400
6. #18 White Lightning--Honda Civic Sedan
7. #60 Opular Dependence--Opel GT
8. #83 FUBAR Racing--Ford Escort ZX2
9. #66 Animal Hospice--Mazda RX_7
10. #99 BahnStormers--Volvo 740

The fast lap so far was set early in the running by the #01 General Yee Lexus SC400 at 1:40.043. Nearly all of the cars are running well under 2:00 minute times. The heat hasn't yet taken its full toll on the field, though as the evening sun continues to bake and time wears down the already dilapidated cars, we expect that to change.

Stay tuned for more to come once we reach the safety break at 7:00 p.m.  For updates every two hours, be sure to head over to the official Chumpcar Forums.