Kanye West's Porsche Panamera

Kanye West's Porsche Panamera

First, he started dating Amber Rose, who's basically the safe-for work equivalent of Ice T's Coco [decidedly NSFW], marinated overnight in a bath of Tila Tequila's famewhorishness, and served in a crusty tortilla shell. Then there was that whole "Imma let you finish" thingamagoo. Now, we learn that Kanye West owns a Porsche Panamera.

We're so totally defriending him.

Actually, we should clarify that (the Panamera part, not the defriending part, which is on like Donkey Kong.) The rapper and sometime enfant terrible owned a Porsche Panamera. As in, past tense.  As in, said Panamera was found at 4pm on June 5, rammed halfway through a garage wall in the Diamond Head area of Oahu, with oil and other fluids leaking from it, and the three men who'd been inside running off into the night. Sounds like some parties we've been to. But we digress.

The Panamera is most definitely registered to Kayne, but Kayne himself (almost) definitely wasn't driving it. According to ABC affiliate KITV, Kanye's cousin was given permission to use the car while Kayne was away from the island, presumably trying to get back in America's good graces. Whether said cousin will ever face charges, however, remains a mystery, because someone clumsily tried to cover up the whole affair by reporting the car stolen -- after the accident, natch.

Oh, celebrity families: stay crunked and classy.

[KITV (terrible Flash script ahead) via Jalopnik]