That's right - shell out £17million (almost $24.5 million) and you can glide into the sunset in this beautiful, luxurious, 122-ft super-yacht.  As an incentive, Strand Craft is offering an equally extravagant supercar to go with your new vessel.  If you have the cash, and like the idea of coordinated land and sea travel, you had better make up your mind quickly.  Production will be limited to a total of 6 sets.  Worldwide.  ACT NOW!

If you're not lusting yet, this should help.  The 122-ft water rocket boasts a top speed of over 50 knots.  That may not seem fast by supercar standards, but we're talking about a really big boat.  For perspective, the Rolls Royce engines produce around 14,000hp.  The only 6 built will be up for grabs on a first-come, first-served basis, according to Kurt Strand, the company's founder.  Strand Craft, a Swedish company, has a deeply rooted history in boat building.  Customers will be treated to custom interior decor, based on their personal preferences.  Media entertainment is provided courtesy of 52" LED TV's and Bang & Olufsen audio systems.

Now, about the car.  Details are scarce, other than reports of some exotic performance specs.  A twin-turbo V12, cranking out 880hp, will coax this coupe all the way up to 233mph.  They're not messing around!  And let's not forget, it can travel up to 50 knots on water!  That's right, you can take it with you.  The boat has a built-in garage big enough to park your matching supercar.  That's about it, the rest is a mystery for now.  Any bets on who will build the exclusive sports car?  Will it be a known exotic car maker, or will Strand Craft fabricate it's own competitor to the world's finest sports cars?


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