The Ferrari 458 Italia, automotive perfection to many but still not enough for some, as hard as that may be to believe. “Who?” we here you shout. Well, for starters, the guys at British tuning firm Oakley Design, who have seen fit to design a series of performance mods for the Italian thoroughbred.

Having previously worked on other extreme machines like the Porsche GT2, GT3 and Panamera, Oakley Design is now moving up to the next level, announcing plans to build just five special editions of the Ferrari 458 Italia--each bearing a unique build number plaque.

Outside of this special model, individual parts will also be made available for clients who do not require the complete package. The package is comprised of a number of aerodynamic enhancements including spoilers, air ducts, side sills and custom wheels.

Wind tunnel testing proved that the carbon-fiber front spoiler lip adds 100 pounds of downforce over the front axle at 150 mph, while the racecar style centrally positioned radiator vent now channels air out over the bonnet instead of under the car. This vent also helps to boost the airflow at the base of the front windscreen, benefiting aerodynamics.

Further internal airflow management is seen in the radiator air exit ducts beside the headlamps, which receive carbon-fiber inserts and improved ducting from the radiator. Additionally, deeper and wider side sills improve airflow control down the car’s flanks, as well as helping to optimize the flat-bottom effect. The longer but lighter carbon-fiber rear diffuser has deeper boundary layer fences to improve directional stability.

Finally, a new rear spoiler adds 55 pounds of downforce over the rear axle at 150 mph. This works together with the underbody diffuser to reduce the Italia’s overall drag by smoothing out the separating airflow.

The only exterior alterations made for cosmetic reasons are the signature Oakley Design carbon-fiber roof panel, mirror covers and engine cover insert below the rear window glass. These are matched in the engine bay by carbon- fiber panels covering the inner wings and rear bulkhead.

Lower kerb weight automatically improves performance and puts less stress on the suspension, tires and brakes. A complete titanium exhaust system with triple outlet pipes and no bypass valve shaves a significant 66 pounds from the Italia’s mass. The new composite wheels picked by Oakley Design also shaves a further 17.5 pounds of unsprung weight per corner. Made in the UK, these two-piece wheels have a magnesium-alloy center married to a carbon-fiber rim and are wrapped with Pirelli Trofeo tires.

Other modifications include a larger air intake box and an ECU remap, which together with the new titanium exhaust helps liberate an extra 10 percent in power bringing total output to 627 horsepower and 418 pound-feet of torque.

Weighing around 144 pounds less, plus with the extra output, the 458 Italia’s stock 3.4 sec 0-62 mph time drops to around 3.0 seconds, while top speed has been calculated at over 205 mph.

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