Rally. It's in our blood. And it's been on the X Games calendar, in one form, for five years already. But it's about to get another, even more exciting format: SuperRally. Europeans might know it better as rallycross.

In North America, the term rallycross is used to describe a sort of off-road autocross, however, so the SuperRally term makes sense. Whatever you call it, it's going to be one hell of a show: 12 drivers run time trials to determine the grid, then they all take off, wheel-to-wheel, on a course that looks more motorcross than rally over three four-car, four-lap elimination races before going on to a five-lap final race. In massively quick, all-wheel-drive, turbocharged pro rally cars.

It's pretty hard not to get amped up about the arrival of SuperRally at the X Games, but we'd like to see it catch on and take root in a wider forum, much like it has in Europe, where it has been going strong for decades.

The addition to the X Games will be of particular interest (and benefit) to driver Tanner Foust, who is already signed on to compete in a full season of the sport in its native land. And according to his race team, the sport is already growing roots in the U.S., as Foust will be returning to the U.S. for the second half of 2010, "where the sport will dominate the second-half of the traditional U.S. rally season."

"The European rounds are a great opportunity for me to get a handle on this sport before it comes to America," said Foust. "When the sport debuts in the US later this year, I'll be ready to go."

So will we.

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