BMW is hoping to convince its customers that pre-ordering vehicles is worth the wait as it will mean that they can enjoy a vehicle built to their exact specifications. The automaker is launching a new Build Your Own configurator on its website, which it hopes will encourage customers to pick new options and extras.

One of the first all-new vehicles in the program is the redesigned 2011 BMW X3 due early next year. Some of the options customers will be able to pick include things such as heated front seats ($500), a panoramic moonroof ($1,350) and xenon headlights ($900). It doesn’t end there as vehicles can get even more customized with things such as a snowboard carrier ($67) and an iPod interface adapter ($185).

For a locally built vehicle like the X3, which will be built at BMW’s Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, wait times could be as short as two weeks.

Built-to-order vehicles can help automakers reduce inventory levels and prevent discounting. In Europe, almost every new BMW is pre-ordered or customized in some way. However, in the U.S. the trend is much rarer.

Check out the new Build Your Own feature on BMW’s website by clicking here.

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