When he’s not touring the world or producing new albums, singer Justin Timberlake is out flogging Audis, so to speak. Timberlake is in fact the brand ambassador for Audi and his first major task under the new role is to help promote the A1 premium compact.

The singer will play the leading role in a new Internet campaign, which kicks of this spring. One of the first components of the campaign is a new video mini-series, the first episode of which is pasted below.

According to Timberlake, “Audi has always been at the forefront of engineering and technology,” and this is one of the key reasons that he decided to take the role of brand ambassador.

Sadly, there’s still no word on whether the car will be hitting showrooms in the U.S. but with one of the country’s biggest pop icons behind it, Audi would be smart to ride the promotional wave and bring it over. For more information on the A1, check out our previous story by clicking here.