Hyundai is keen to crack the luxury market with its new Equus flagship but convincing customers that a brand known for bargain basement prices can also be upscale will certainly be a challenge. With an expected pricetag of roughly $55,000, the Equus is considerably more expensive than any other Hyundai before it but there will be some bonuses for customers.

In addition to the generous feature list, which will include premium features such as a rear-seat footrest, rain-repellent window glass, power sun shades, and massage systems built into the driver's seat and rear seat, Equus customers will also benefit from a number of services.

Some of these services will include free at-home pickup of their cars for servicing and a free loaner Equus when their car is in the shop. Equus customers will also receive an Apple iPad with the car’s logbook preloaded which they can use to stay in touch with the dealership.

Potential customers will also get star treatment, with dealers bringing Equus demo cars to their doorstep for a personal presentation of the features. If the customer eventually buys the car, dealers will also return to discuss the Equus’ performance.

Dealers will be meeting Alabama later this month for special training to deal with Equus customers.

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