1953 Saab 92B

1953 Saab 92B

Forget all of your bad memories of the ‘Saabaru’ 9-2X mongrel of the past decade because Saab is working on a brand new 9-2, one that will be all Saab and one that will draw inspiration from the original 92 model of the 1950s. Victor Muller, the CEO of Spyker and savior of Saab, has revealed that designers are working on a retro-modern interpretation of the original 92 that could one day compete with Volkswagen’s New Beetle or the MINI and Fiat 500.

The modern 9-2 is still at a very early design stage and Muller stressed that the car could only be built once Saab was on more stable ground and if the economy improved--all funds are currently accounted for, with the market launches of the 9-5 and 9-5 Estate, new 9-4X crossover and next-generation 9-3 remaining the top priorities.

That doesn’t mean Saab isn’t seriously looking at the idea of a new 9-2 model. Muller even showed Motor Trend renderings of some potential designs for the car, revealing a car that draws some very distinct styling cues from the original 92. What Saab really needs now, Muller explained, is additional financing or a partner to share platforms and components with.

Where this leaves the possibility of an entry-level 9-1 remains to be seen but it appears a new 9-2 will be Saab’s newest model line after the 9-4X is launched.

Before we see a new 9-2, however, Saab will have to launch its next-generation 9-3. Muller revealed that the platform for this car will be an extensively modified Epsilon I platform sourced from General Motors and not the newer Epsilon II as previously thought. The architecture will belong to Saab and will be renamed the I-P platform, and it will only be used by the Swedish automaker so there will be no restraints on its design.

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