Cadillac is the shining star in General Motors’ North American portfolio and one of the few brands in the world where it’s safe to say that all its products are generally pretty good. Not surprisingly Cadillac doesn’t want to tarnish its image by being banded together with GM, which suffers from the stigma of bankruptcy, executive mismanagement and being the company that needed a $50 billion bailout from the government.

Distancing itself from GM will be a tough challenge for Cadillac considering the two names have been linked since 1909. Nevertheless, Cadillac is on a mission to erase the GM name from the minds of its existing customers and potential ones.

To do so, Cadillac will remove the GM name from its marketing campaigns, dealerships and email addresses, as well as exclude itself from GM-wide promotional events such as the Red Tag Event. Instead, Cadillac will run its own promotions starting with a new ad campaign later this month.

Chevrolet, Buick and GMC are also getting in on the act. Bengt Halvorson reports over at that the GM corporate logo will no longer be used on any of its vehicles so that the actual brand of the car can receive more attention. The decision was reportedly made earlier this month to remove the badges, likely because of the company's recent bankruptcy and less-than-stellar image right now.