The Koenigsegg CCX and CCXR are, for many, the epitome of the extreme supercar. With over 1,000 horsepower at the crank and 0-60 mph times under 3 seconds, it's hard to argue with the CCX aficionados. But Koenigsegg decided to one-up itself, this time with less power but more performance.

Sporting 910 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque, the Agera isn't short on anything, but with a widened front track, better weight balance, improved ceramic brakes and an upgraded traction control system, the Agera promises to be at least as quick around a track as its predecessors. And that's what it's all about with a car like this, after all.

Well, almost. It's about impressing on the street as well, and the Agera certainly does that. Its low-slung body and smoothly aggressive front end cutting a unique silhouette. At the rear, there's not much like the Agera, either, and all throughout the car there are tweaks to make it even more stunning, including ambient lighting that shines throught billet aluminum buttons via sub-microscopic nanotubes.

For the full details on the Agera, check out our debut story, but the video below delivers all you really need to know about this car's potential.