Running through the dark between trees, drop-offs, and rocks with only ravines, jumps and scary-fast sweeping turns over brutal terrain might not sound like the ultimate in fun, be let me assure you, it is. We've completed our first regional rally, equivalent to the first leg of the 100 Acre Wood, and today we move on to the next.

We're headed to another Parc Expose before kicking off the mammoth 10-stage, 160-mile (66 of which are actual rally miles) day. A super-special stage in Potosi should show fans the cars up close, and there will be another Parc Expose immediately before it.

Last night's rallying came out very well for us, despite the lack of a rally computer or actual pace notes--with just a route book, you only have about 1 out of 5 turns charted. The rest was up to the talent and guts of our driver, Daniel Vaught.

More to come this evening, and we'll have the full aftermath on Monday, but check out the photos of Friday's Parc Expose at Steelville for now.