2010 Toyota Avalon

2010 Toyota Avalon

Even if you live under a rock, you're probably aware of the trainwreck of Toyota safety issues over the last few weeks. We've sidestepped the issue for the most part, as aside from the horrific potential results of the problem, it's the definition of a snoozefest. But the inimitable Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team have put together a piece that captures the ridiculousness of the whole ordeal, entitled "Toyotathon of Death."

For those still catching up on the details, Toyota is in the midst of a series of recalls affecting over 8 million vehicles globally for floor mats that can trap gas pedals, gas pedals that themselves can stick wide open, and likely soon, a recall over the Prius's brake system. And that's even before you get to Steve Wozniak's issues with Toyota's cruise control mechanism.

The video from The Daily Show below wraps the whole fiasco up with neat little bow, in their typically tongue-in-cheek style. Enjoy.

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Toyotathon of Death