Earlier today we reported on GM and Ford taking advantage of Toyota’s misfortune. We have now learned that Hyundai Motor America is joining the bandwagon. It must be the economic climate or maybe it is just business, but now we have three large car companies offering sale incentives. Let’s us see what Hyundai has to offer.

The Hyundai Motor America Incentive will give $1000 to consumers who trade in a Toyota for a Sonata, Elantra or Elantra Touring model. The difference between the Hyundai program and that of GM or Ford is the length of time the offer will be extended to their customers. According to Hyundai spokesman Chris Hosford said on Friday that the company would offer the incentive through February 1, 2010.

Considering the short notice of the incentive, we aren’t really sure why Hyundai decided to cut it off so soon. Maybe they were hoping to capture buyers looking this weekend or perhaps to spur people to come to dealerships Monday. Either way, Hyundai’s tactic is quite a bit different than the other car companies offering similar incentives.

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