Having already lured former Bentley design boss Luc Donckerwolke, Hyundai has now managed to snag Bentley’s designer in charge of exteriors, the talented Sang Yup Lee.

The Korean designer has previously worked for the likes of Pininfarina, Porsche and most recently Bentley, however, he’s most famous for his work at General Motors Company [NYSE:GM].

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Lee enjoyed a 10-year stint at GM where he was responsible for some impressive cars, including the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro and 2009's 50th Anniversary Corvette Stingray concept.

At Hyundai, he will be responsible primarily for shaping the future look of the Genesis luxury brand. Working under Donckerwolke, Lee will also help design future Hyundais.

“The innovative design and surprising growth of Hyundai Motor has always made me proud as a Korean while I worked overseas,” Lee said in a statement. “Now I want to contribute in creating world-leading automobile designs for both Hyundai Motor and the Genesis brand.”


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