We admit it: we totally laughed when Audi announced its goal of beating BMW and Mercedes-Benz in worldwide sales by 2015. But you know, if we were still the betting type (let's just say we learned our lesson), we'd probably take a very long look at those increasingly shorter odds.

In recent weeks we've peeped Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry cruising the streets in Audi A5s (separately, thanks), Orlando Bloom in an Audi Q7, and Ashley Greene in an Audi Q5. And now who do we see slipping into the passenger's seat of a completely different, non-Orlando Bloomian Audi Q7? None other than Jenny from the Block, more commonly known as J-Lo (if you're nasty). Admittedly, Lopez may not hold the public's attention quite the way she did pre-Gigli, but her love life and "totally planned" dance moves still sell thousands of copies of US Weekly, so that's oughta count for something. If these celebs are the tastemakers of the Western World, Audi may have a decent shot at making its goal -- ahead of schedule, even.

So kudos to Audi for getting the stars in their cars, and for making a beautifully curved-out ride to match J-Lo's big ol' [ED. NOTE: REDACTED].