Lexus confirmed this week that its new 2011 LFA supercar will be offered to customers in North America through a lease program, whereby they will be able to purchase the vehicle only after two years.

The new V-10 powered GT is set to go on sale in January 11 but potential customers better be quick as there are only 150 cars heading our way. Canadian customers have it even worse as only 10 LFA supercars will be available up north.

Lexus began accepting "purchase applications" in October and production is scheduled to start next month at the rate of 20 cars per month over the next 25 months. Total production will be limited to just 500 cars for worldwide sale.

Of the 500 units, each one will be unique. Customers will even be able to specify what type of stitching they want their cars to have and importantly, no car will be built until an order is completed.

Official pricing for the LFA has been set at $375,000 but with the leasing, monthly fees could cost up to $10,000 per month, including interest, taxes and insurance.