Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner

It may be difficult, but please: look at this.

Yes, that's Blythe Danner. AND SHE IS ON A TRICYCLE.

Well, okay, the contraption has two small wheels in the back, so technically, it's a quadracycle. But whatever: the thing's effect on us is the same. That effect is nausea. We do not enjoy watching Tony Award-winning actresses reduced to riding on gadgets that look an awful lot like tricycles.

(Although someone in the office just posed an interesting question: what if this is actually a trained Russian bear in a Blythe Danner costume? That seems unlikely but also a really good idea for next year's Halloween ensemble.)

Here's another question: where's Blythe's beloved daughter, Gwyneth, in all this? Out gathering stories for her next issue of GOOP about how wonderful it was to be an exchange student in Spain or easy ways to put some pep in your bowel movements? Doesn't that girl know --

Oh, wait. We've just been informed that this photo was taken on the set of the new Fokkers movie. And Ms. Danner is resting her knee on the trike because she had a slight injury. So, she's working and she's being taken care of.... Wow. Sorry for jumping to conclusions, Gwynnie.

Then again, would it kill you to get your mother a Rascal or at least one of those schmancy Mercedes-Benz bikes? Yeesh.