2009 Bentley Continental GT

2009 Bentley Continental GT

There’s no denying the fact that your car says a lot about who you are, but according to the statistics your car could be saying something very different to what you thought it was. New data released by San Diego-based market research firm Strategic Vision for its latest New Vehicle Experience Study has shown some very surprising results.

The study has found that 13% of Chevy owners don’t use the Internet, while this figure is only 3% for Honda. Not surprising considering that 70% of Honda owners hold a college degree or higher, compared with only 35% of Chevy owners and 45% of Ford owners.

When it comes to the luxury end of town, it’s obvious brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce fall into the super wealthy category. Bentley owners, for example, typically have at least $5 million in investable assets.

Education, tech skills and wealth are just a few of the varying attributes that your car says about you--and it’s not just the car brand that’s doing all the talking. According to the study, your wheels also give clues to your age, gender, income level and marital status--even your political leanings.