Aston Martin 'Cygnet', based on the Toyota iQ

Aston Martin 'Cygnet', based on the Toyota iQ

The next couple of years are very important for Aston Martin as the company continues to execute an ambitious model roll-out during one of the worst periods in the entire history of the automotive industry. The global economic recession has made a dent on Aston Martin but the company is still planning three all-new models, as well as several important updates for its current range.

The most controversial introduction is the Cygnet, a bespoke minicar based around the Toyota iQ that’s due next year. The new model is being introduced to help Aston Martin meet tough new carbon emissions standards planned for Europe by 2012.

As such, the Cygnet is expected to be sold in Europe only and will possibly be sold to existing Aston Martin customers only. Taking a Toyota iQ, Aston Martin will totally refurbish the minicar’s interior and add several trademark external elements including a new grille and side vents. Pricing is expected to start around $32,000--double that of the iQ.

At the end of this year Aston Martin will start production of its One-77 supercar, which the company has already confirmed will be built in a limited run of just 77 cars and retail for about $2 million each. Customers will be able to customize almost every element of the car though each will come with a 7.3-liter V-12 engine churning out 740-horsepower.

The third model introduction is the recently revealed Rapide, which goes on sale in early 2010 and will be available globally through Aston Martin’s 125 strong dealership network. Pricing is expected to be announced closer to launch but expect it to slot somewhere between the DB9 and DBS at around $200,000.

As for Aston Martin’s existing lineup, the Vantage range will be updated with the introduction of the limited-edition V-12 Vantage next year. The DB9 and DBS, meanwhile, don’t have any planned updates.

It doesn’t end there as Aston Martin may also relaunch its Lagonda brand with a production version of its crossover concept from this year’s Geneva auto show. If approved for production, the earliest it would appear is 2012 although its chances of being sold in North America are slim.

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